Make my parking profitable ?

Ready to generate profit? Post your parking spot for rent absolutely free of charge and allow the rest of the community to benefit from it. You decide the rental cost and times of day during which your parking spot is available. Wonderful, right? We even have a service for our elite customers... Contact us for our turnkey services in taking pictures and even get help with the configuration of your account. Contact us for more information. Learn more...

- Park is a Quebec-based Transactional Platform with its headquarters in Quebec City that allows you to rent your parking spot and make it profitable.
- Upon your request, we have posters that can help rent your parking by creating superior visibility.
- Registration is free, simple and safe.
- We only take a 30% platform fee. When you come to think of it, only 30% and you have a new source of income. How great is that!
- During any transaction, we only claim our platform fees - otherwise your money is directly transferred into your bank account.
- For more information, visit our FAQ page! Or, don’t hesitate in contacting us - we don’t bite!
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Make my parking profitable