How do I reserve a parking spot (PARK)? On sharingparking.com and our mobile app currently available on IOS and soon on Android. How do I pay for my parking (PARK)? Once you’ve chosen your parking spot, we will prompt you to securely pay via Stripe (link to Stripe) or via Apple Pay.. How do I know if a parking spot is available? If the Park icon is blue, parking is available at this time. If the icon is gray, parking is unavailable. You can see the calendar before reserving your spot. If you can’t see a schedule, an error message will notify you if the spot is unavailable. On the other hand, if a space is gray it does not mean that you cannot rent it in the future! How do I ask a parking-related question concerning the (PARK) spot that I would like to rent? You can contact us online through virtual chat or on our mobile app in the "Email Us" section. Is the price indicated the price paid? All our prices include taxes and fees. Therefore, the shown prices are totals. What is a day, week and month long reservation with PARK? Reserving for a day (8 hours) , a week (120 hours) and a month (720 hours) simply means that if you rent for a longer duration, you benefit from a discount. Enjoy! How do i create an account ? Créez votre compte gratuitement en seulement 1 minute en cliquant ici. Create your free account in just 1 minute by clicking here. You can register with your e-mail or directly with Facebook. Is it possible to add more time to my reservation? Yes. Find the "Reservations" section and click on the parking spot in question to add time 1 hour periods via our mobile application or website. 10 minutes before the end of your reservation, our mobile application will send you a notice indicating the upcoming end of your reservation. What happens if my car is damaged while using a PARK parking spot? Using a private parking spot is much safer than the street. Damages to your car will be covered by your car insurance. This is the same principle as when using the city’s street parking. What happens if I exceed my reservation time ? As a member of the Park community, you equally join our collaborative sharing philosophy. This means that if you exceed your parking time by mistake, we ask you to notify us so that we can send you the needed information in order to transfer the necessary amount to the owner What happens if there is another car in the parking spot I just reserved? If there is a car in the spot you rented, go to the next closest available spot and we will refund both parking spots. At Park, your satisfaction is our priority. Is my credit card data protected? All payments made on PARK are completed via Stripe. In other words, everything is 100% secure.


How can I post my parking spot for rent? Create an account on our website or mobile app and go to the ‘Make my Space Profitable’. Enter your information and you're done. We also have a turnkey service for you. Contact us and we help you to create your account - we can even take photos for you! How come my parking spot isn’t available upon registration? There is a 24-hour approval deadline for quality concerns. Your spot will be available after this deadline. Are there any platform fees? Yes, we take a 30% platform fee on each transaction. My spot is not getting any rentals... Why? If you parking is too expensive, this may be a reason for not renting your parking. Take the time to verify the offer in your area and be more competitive. Can I post a public spot for rent? It is strictly forbidden to post a parking spot for rent of which you are not the owner. An empty spot in front of your home in the street is not tolerated. More so, for a spot in an apartment building, you must withhold the agreement of the building owner. We trust you and if post a spot that does not belong to you, will suspend your account. How do I receive payments? All transactions are completed via Stripe. The money from your rental will be deposited into your bank account after a maximum of 3-4 business days. Must I declare this new source of revenue? Of course, all income must be declared. We will send you a declaration form at the end of the year. Can I modify the information concerning my parking spot? You can modify the price and availability via our website or mobile app. To change photos or descriptions, please email us. Can I post my parking spot as available for long-term rentals only? No, it is impossible to post a spot that is only available for long term rentals. You must make your parking spot available 24 hours a day for it to be available long term. Can I post my spots for rent even if I am a company? Yes you can, posting your parking spots for rent is a good way to generate a new source of income. We even offer a turnkey service for companies. Contact us and we will help create your account - you just have to benefit from our service. Furthermore, we have a turnkey service for companies. Contact us today and we will create your account for you! Can I place my parking spot as temporarily unavailable? Yes you can. Just go to your account in the section "My Parking Spots" and click the "switch" to "off" next to the space you want to place as unavailable.

Do you have any other questions? Email us or contact us via our chat.